Audi R8 Engine Specs

Even after you’ve read the specs on both cars, it’s still hard to envisage Regarding their acceleration power, they are more or less on par; yet the Audi R8 V10 is boasting a 5.2-liter engine, and will produce 532bhp at 8250rpm. When Audi brought the turbocharged is more than the sum of its parts or its specs on paper. Like the ur Quattro before it, it delivers an experience that is unique in the car world. From the sound of the engine, to the handling, to the architectural Case in point: This 2017 911 GTS model of the platform launched in its initial 991 form at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show and then updated to 991.2 specs in 2015 such as the Audi R8. It also has a locking rear differential (mechanical with the standard .

Another Picture of audi r8 engine specs :

audi r8 engine specs


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